Statistical Practice in Epidemiology using R.

Place Bellecour, Lyon

Course from Thursday 14 to Wednesday 20 June 2018
Lyon, France

Organized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
The course starts early morning Thursday 14 June, so arrival in Lyon must be on Wednesday 13 June.
The course ends Wednesday at 14:00, so departure will be possible on Wednesday (flights from Lyon later than 18:00 can be reached).
Similar courses were given every year since 2000 with the exception of 2003 and 2008; mostly in Tartu Estonia.
Website of 2017 contains slides and practicals used. Some similarity to the 2018 course material is expected.


IARC, main building The course is intended for epidemiologists and statisticians who wish to use R for statistical modelling and analysis of epidemiological data.
The aim of the course is to give young statisticians (or not so young epidemiologists) who wish to enter or who has recently entered biostatistics or epidemiology access to a set of tools in current use by statisticians in epidemiology.
The course requires basic knowledge of epidemiological concepts and study types. These will only be briefly reviewed, whereas the more advanced epidemiological and statistical concepts will be treated in depth.


Place Terreaux
All methods will be thoroughly illustrated using R in practical exercises.
The Epi package which is developed for epidemiological analysis in R will be introduced. Particular attention will be given to the reporting of the results; in particular the use of graphics.


Course fee

Academic: 700 EUR, Non-academic 950 EUR

Venue: International Agency for Research on Cancer

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